Do You Require the Services of a Business Consultant?

Company owners, supervisors, or senior managers often discover that growth slowed, stopped, or overturned. Though these are compelling reasons to seek the assistance of a business consultant, they are not the only ones. This article will discuss why you might need a business consultant, how much the consultant costs, and what to look for in […]

Lies, Darn Lies, and Benchmarking for Financial Advisors

Lies, Darn Lies, and Benchmarking for Financial Advisors Pay attention; you’ll learn why benchmarking is important in the mutual fund industry and how you’ll fare better if you truly understand how to invest rather than simply following the crowd. Why do financial advisors and the mutual fund industry engage in benchmarking? The reason is as […]

Strategic Procurement

A Changing Field Two economic trends are driving the growing importance of procurement: •Increased competitive challenges are driving businesses to consider procurement as a method of improving their bottom line. As a result, CEOs search for ways to save money, and simplifying procurement procedures is one option. •Many businesses are increasing their reliance on outsourcing. […]