Welcome To Maitland Consulting

Maitland Consulting Limited is a Communications and Special Projects consultancy founded in 1999.

The consultancy is tapped into all relevant information streams and personal contact with key people is a major feature of its operation.

We have a reciprocal arrangement with The Maitland Consultancy, London’s leading high level media and investor relations consultancy and advisor to a range of UK and overseas blue chip companies.

Added value for clients, together with the reciprocal arrangements services with partners in London providing access to city analysts, differentiates Maitland Consulting Limited from its competitors.

Why We Do It…

The belief in the substantial benefits that can be achieved by customers, clients, the community, the construction industry and its supply chain from adopting 21st Century best practice solutions in procurement.

The Consultancy Director has considerable senior management experience as a client within the public sector and as an advisor to several construction organisations in the private sector. He is an approved Construction Best Practice Advisor.

How We Do It…

In-company service provision, on a partnering basis, working closely with clients and driven by results.

Our aim is to provide added value for our clients through best practice and to ensure that best value is achieved by all parties in the construction interface.

Check out our News section for all the latest construction industry news.

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